Decking the halls

SHS helps SMS students honor teachers


Art by Kayla Brown

The SHS and SMS student councils worked together on a hallway-decorating contest for teacher appreciation week. Decorating took place on April 28.

A few weeks ago, the SHS student council decided their next project. They wanted to help create a friendly competition at SMS in collaboration with the student council there.

On April 28, both student councils competed in a hallway decorating contest to celebrate teacher appreciation week. There were five teams, each of which decorated the five hallways of SMS.

The teams are School Spirit, School Events, PBIS, Peer Mentor and Service Learning. Each team will have until April 30 to finish all decorations in their respective areas. The decorating contest was held all day and each team was allowed to decorate in their own decided time frame.

Sophomore class president Kham Thangngan, who is working with the Peer Mentor team, is helping organize this event and thinks this is a very good opportunity for middle school student council members to gain some experience organizing school events like this before high school.

“I feel like it’s a really good thing that we’re doing this because it’ll kind of help them get the jist of what they’re going to be running into as high schoolers if they join student council,” Thangngan said.

Each team had until April 16 to buy all their supplies with a $40 budget per group. With that $40, each team had to try and create the best decorated hallway while keeping the main focus of honoring the teachers.

Freshman class president Kaia Heaton is working with the School Events team. The reason for their theme is to celebrate the teachers as “survivors” during this unconventional school year.

Heaton thinks this project is a good opportunity to unify the gap between SMS and SHS.

“It helps us incorporate the two schools,” Heaton said. “And it gives us a chance to meet everyone and all the incoming freshmen especially.”

Thangngan also thinks that unifying the two schools is a very good idea because he personally had trouble his freshman year with not knowing very many people.

“When I was a freshman and I came to high school, I didn’t have any upperclassmen friends,” Thangngan said.

With this year coming closer and closer to an end, Heaton says that she is very excited just to get to meet new students who will be a part of the high school soon.

“I’m just really excited to meet everyone and do this project together as the middle school and the high school,” Heaton said.