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SHS students start an organization to raise money for people in need


YMA instagram

The members of YMA pose for a picture on the day of their yard sale. The Youth Movement Association was started by students from SHS in support of the crisis in Myanmar.

Along with other SHS students, senior Sui Par and junior Elly Hnem created the Youth Movement Association in support of the crisis in Myanmar.

“The whole purpose of YMA was to help those back in Burma who are risking their lives every day fighting for democracy, fighting for freedom, fighting for their basic Human Rights. While they were fighting we were here feeling useless so we wanted to do something, “ Par said. “So we created this to help them through any way we can.”

According to Par, creating and funding organizations or associations is not easy because sacrifices have to be made in order to do good deeds.

One of their first events was the Spicy Mangoes event, which was about selling mangoes and other edible ingredients to raise money for Myanmar.

“Our first event for the Spicy Mangoes, we didn’t get any fundings, so we used all of the members’ money for YMA,” Par said. “Each donated $10, and we used that money to purchase the items.”

Hnem says the association’s Yard Sale was also successful, as they gained around $700 for their cause.

“The way how it works was many people from various cities or states donate their stuff to us,” Hnem said. “We post them and some people pre-orders it, some just come to the event place and buy anything they want,” Hnem said. 

Though they didn’t get any funding from outside sources for these events, they managed to pull through. Hnem believes if they continue to work hard and put their best foot forward, they will continue to manage and be successful. 

The association doesn’t want to just stop after these events. They want to keep aiming for higher goals to achieve. Par thinks it’s really hard to start these types of organizations, but regardless of how hard it is, they’ll still have new goals.

 “We definitely do have a goal we want to accomplish by this summer,” Par said. “Right now it’s just an idea… and making people buy tickets that have games and do our own things like waterslides and stuff.”

Because of Par and Hnem’s experience with the movement and supporting Myanmar, they believe people should follow their feelings and take action if it’s to help others and guide them to better places.

“This is a little commentary to everyone,” Par said. “Like no matter how old you are, no matter where you are from, no matter who you are right now, like if you strongly feel about something, then do something about it.” 

Hnem firmly believes that being humble, polite, considerate and inspiring will help the people around her and others who are willing to take any action to make changes in Myanmar. She also hopes that someday the country they are fighting for will get justice. 

“The littles things we do… will someday be the reason why we’re successful in gaining our human rights and freedom in (Myanmar),” Hnem said.