New crew at SHS

Head coaches arrive to help SHS fall sports get back to winning


Head football coach Alex Bettag

Last season for the SHS football and girls soccer team didn’t go as planned, they needed improvements. The solution for these improvements were soon discovered in the new head coaches.  

“I just got really blessed to coach here at Southport,” head football coach Alex Bettag said. “It has been an awesome experience so far.”

Fall sports have been needing a refresher. Specifically, football and girl’s soccer. In order to do so, new coaches have been hired to hopefully turn them around.

 One of these new coaches is Bettag. Between his third and fourth year of being defensive coordinator in Terre Haute North, Bettag decided that he wanted to be the leader of his own program. This head coach opportunity has given him the chance to do so.

The football players have liked how tough Bettag has been since he got here. According to the team, Bettag has trained the team better than they expected after, now, head football coach of Beech Grove High School Brandon Winters.

Head girl’s soccer coach Cory Sandvold

“The practices are way more tough then they used to be,” senior Jake Rudolf said. “The practices have made us way better as a team.”

Along with uniting the football players, Bettag has made his team better by having community service to help his players earn their varsity letters or chevrons. 

“I like coach Bettag,” senior Mason Piatt said. “He has made me a better person on and off the field.” 

Since Bettag has shown up, he was ready to work and has met great people while here. Bettag has also loved the way the school has been there for him since he has started here. 

“It’s been an amazing experience,” Bettag said. 

Another addition to SHS athletics is new head girl’s soccer coach Cory Sandvold.

According to Sandvold, he loves the kids here at SHS. He’s also learning to balance working half of the day at SHS and half of the day at SMS. 

With already 10 years of coaching experience on his back, Sandvold is determined to work with the girls to be the best athletes they can be.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls,” Sandvold said.

Sandvold has seemed to already make an impact here at SHS. The team loves not only the way he coaches, but also the atmosphere and chemistry he has created.

“I really like what he has done for the team so far,” senior Audrey Heaton said. “He has helped us reach some goals that we didn’t think were achievable.”