The Texas abortion law is not the way to go


Imagine being told at an ultrasound that the welfare of the child and the mother is in serious jeopardy if the pregnancy is carried to full term. The parents would have to weigh out every variable with careful consideration. Abortion could be one of those options.

A lot of women and young girls no longer have that option in Texas anymore. As of Sept. 1, Texas passed their abortion law that no abortion shall be carried out after six weeks. 

This is absolutely heartbreaking. 

The fact that it is men who are making these life-threatening and life-altering decisions for women is what hurts me the most. How can a man who has no idea what a pregnancy does to the woman’s body make these decisions for us? 

According to the American Pregnancy Association, most women find out that they are pregnant when they are between four and seven weeks pregnant.

 If they find out before the six weeks, they have a possibility of making the decision for themselves. But who can make that decision in only just one week?

Having the right to my own reproductive organs has always been something that I thought I would never lose. There is one part of my mind that thinks since Texas is starting to do this, how much longer will it be before other states adopt their new law? 

Knowing that my life and my baby’s life could be in danger if I carry out the pregnancy is something that I have thought about before. I am 100% pro-choice and I feel that every woman should have the decision to make her own choices, especially when it involves her own body. 

Pregnancy is one of the hardest things that a woman goes through. Now imagine all that stress and anxiety that the women in Texas have because of this heartbreaking law that they have no control over. 

Not every pregnancy is perfect, and there are complications that can occur because of it. A lot of these problems just happen and there are no explanations for them, but having the risk of losing not only the baby’s life but the mothers life is something that I know I could never go through with.

With Texas’s new abortion law, they are not getting rid of abortions, they are getting rid of safe abortions. They are going to increase death rates because of the performance of these unsafe “homemade” abortions. 

As long as laws like these keep getting passed all they are going to do is hurt more people rather than help them.