How-To: Get the most out of your holiday season

There are various fun activities to participate in during the holiday season. Unfortunately, time is of the essence, and it is hard to always get the absolute most out of this short, yet eventful, time. Here are some different places and things you can enjoy throughout the holidays.

1.) Christmas at the zoo


Why spend your holiday season locked inside when you could enjoy seeing animals and Christmas lights with your family? The Indianapolis Zoo holds an annual Christmas celebration called “Christmas at the Zoo,” and it’s available to anyone willing to come. During this festive celebration, they have activities like carolers, hot drinks, sweets, rides and campfires for people to enjoy. The cost of the tickets are $25.75 per adult.
2.) Circle of lights
If you’re looking for a free place to see Christmas lights and roam around, spend your time enjoying the Circle of lights downtown. Downtown Indianapolis has plenty of attractions and restaurants in walking distance to the circle. Easy to spend time with friends, family or relatives.
3.) A Merry Prairie Holiday

Conner Prairie is an eventful place perfect for family time. The “Merry Prairie Holiday” includes carousels, selfies with Santa and more information about historic holidays. This is the third year that Conner Prairie will be hosting this event to the public for $22 for non members and $11 for current members.

4.) Candy Kitchen


Martinsville Candy Kitchen is a small shop located in downtown Martinsville. Throughout the Holiday season, they show people different things like the candy cane making process. After this presentation, everyone will receive a candy cane that was made in front of them. At the store they sell bottled soda, ice cream, candy canes, hard candies, sweet treats and so much more. Going to the store is completely free and the price of items may vary depending on quantity.
5.) Winterlights at Newfields

To see the ultimate Christmas lights show, visit Winterlights at Newfields. There are over 1.5 million lights shining in the garden for all to see. Here, they also serve holiday goodies and hot chocolate available for purchase. To have the opportunity to see these lights it is $17 for six to 17 year olds and $25 for adults.

Fun activities-

1.) Gingerbread houses
If you don’t feel like getting out of the house and you just want to spend some quality time with people, sit down and make a gingerbread house. This can not only help you relax during the holiday season, but also give you something tasty to share with those around you. There are many options for gingerbread houses. You can purchase them premade, ready to assemble kits or simply rely on your creativity to make one from scratch.
2.) Sledding
Seize the opportunity when it is snowing enough and go out sledding. Instead of complaining about what you can’t do because of t

he snow, take advantage of the new opportunities it will bring you. Sledding can be something fun to do with family or friends, and it is good for your physical health as well. Getting outside is always good for you, especially when you’re moving.

3.) Christmas countdown
If you celebrate Christmas, build the excitement around that special day by starting a Christmas countdown. This can not only be

a fun way to incorporate the season into your everyday life, but it will also give you something to look forward to at the beginning of the day.

4.) Make a festive playlist
If you’re driving down the road or doing homework and want something to listen to, make a festive playlist. Creating a playlist can create a constant sense of holiday fun during your day to day routine.
5.) Make a snowman
Spending time with friends or family outside making a snowman can be super fun and spontaneous. No one knows when it will snow enough to make a snowman, so when it does take the opportunity to do something fun outside. Personalize your snowman with different hats, notes, buttons or scarfs and make it your own.