Snowcoming ‘snow’-more

SHS’s annual winter dance canceled

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, administrators and student council members came together to decide the fate of Snowcoming, SHS’s annual winter dance. 

This year, because of conflicting events, the dance will not happen.

“A lot of different events are happening the same day and there was no time for the school to get everyone together,” sophomore class Vice President Kaia Heaton said. 

With all of the changes that have been made in the past two years because of COVID-19, there were hopes across the school that the dance would go on. 

“The admin team all got together and said ‘Okay, we still want to have something for the kids because we think it’s something that’s important,’” Assistant Principal Joe Horvath said.

If the dance would have been held, students would’ve had to wear masks and attendance would’ve been limited to only SHS students. 

Junior Sam Brookshire is relieved that there isn’t going to be a school dance, considering the current state of COVID-19 in the U.S. He wasn’t sure if he would’ve attended the dance because of the still rising cases of the COVID-19 virus. 

“To be honest, we probably don’t need to be having a dance right now,” Brookshire said. 

Heaton still hopes that the school will host another dance later in the year to make up for the cancellation of Snowcoming. 

“I think it was a smart idea to cancel it because I wouldn’t have a lot of friends going,” Heaton said. “I think a lot of other people felt that way too.”

Since the school will not host the dance, the booster club will announce the winners of the Mr. and Miss Cardinal contest either during halftime at a basketball game on Saturday, Feb. 5 or in between the two games that are scheduled for that day.