Springin’ into action

‘Failure: A Love Story’ opens this weekend


Ryder Harris

Characters Mortimer Mortimer (right) and Nelly Fail (left) kiss during dress rehearsal. Mortimer is played by senior Hayden Brite and Nelly is played by Lizzie Forrester.

Philip Dawkins’s play “Failure: A Love Story” tells a captivating story of time’s mercy. Because the play has distinctive features and was an abstract piece, theater teacher Kimberly Roberts, chose to present this as SHS’s spring play as it has sparked her interest.
“It’s sort of an unusual show,” Roberts said. “So you can kind of just do anything you want with it as a director, which was why I was really drawn to it.”
As Roberts prepared to cast the play, auditions had opened up the second week back from winter break.
Over 30 students auditioned, but only 11 were casted in the play. Since this show is performed in a much shorter time period than a typical theater production, it will be held in the Black Box theater at SHS.

Every day after school until 5 p.m., cast and crew members are practicing their roles. Despite the tight time frame the members performed admirably during practices.
“My cast and crew is doing an amazing job so far,” Roberts said. “They’re well on their way to a really great show.”
SHS freshman Lizzie Forrester, had been involved in theater since middle school and is playing the role of Nelly Fail, the youngest of the Fail sisters. Forrester says that Nelly is portrayed as a bright, upbeat character.
Although Forrester believes her personality is the opposite of her character, she tries to imitate Nelly’s demeanor and adopt her identity to become more like her.
“I’m supposed to be this super bubbly one,” Forrester said. “I’m really trying to work on the emotion and being a bubbly person because I’m not exactly like her.”
This is Forrester’s first real high school performance, and it means a lot to her. Although there are factors like stress from school work and putting excessive amounts of dedication, Forrester is used to this type of environment and enjoys the buzz.
“It’s a lot of work that I’ve become very used to over the years,” Forrester said. “I don’t think I would change it or make it any easier because that would just make it less fun.”
Lexi Nix, a sophomore at SHS, plays another one of the Fail sisters, Jenny June. Nix also has been involved in theater since she was in middle school. She describes June as a high achiever and a competitive lake swimmer.
When Nix is not at school she would practice her lines at home. With it being such a small play, Nix finds it challenging due to the small amount of time and members.
Since there are many chorus lines, cast members had to split up. When there are multiple voices swirling around, it makes it difficult to identify her own lines.
“It’s a lot of commitment and a lot of hard work,” Nix said. “You just really have to work hard on your own part.”
Junior Kaitlin Osborne, plays the role of the eldest Fail sister, Gertude “Gerty” Fail. Gerty is considered to be stern and realistic. She relates to her character and does not find it difficult to fall into character.
Osborne was fortunate enough to experience theater before, after and during the pandemic. This taught her to value and appreciate theater more.
“This group of people, they’re all so close,” Osborne said. “ We’ve been able to establish this little family dynamic that we have.”
As many members find time management as an issue, Osborne also finds it difficult to manage her time with both band and theater. After theater practice, Osborne immediately has band practice. This limits her time to have free time as well as taking a break.
Johnny Romo, a junior at SHS, has been in theater for two years. In this play, Romo has three separate roles: a cuckoo clock, a snake and news reporter. Romo enjoys his time at the theater but finds it difficult to memorize his lines.
“I think it’s really fun and enjoyable to interact with others,” Romo said. “I personally think it’s a difficult script, but it’s a good story.”
The play will be performed Feb. 24 and 25. On Thursday, there is an evening performance at 7 p.m. and on Friday, there is a 3:30 p.m. performance as well as an evening performance at 7 p.m.

Roberts is ecstatic that students will be able to see the show after school. More performances will take place on March 3 and 4. Tickets for all performances will be $5 online or at the door.
“We are really hoping students and teachers will come, since they can just stay after school,” Roberts said.