Let them in

Being emotionally sensitive is the key to a healthier life


I can still feel the tears streaming down my cheeks and onto my collar from when I was a young girl. All it took was someone to talk to me in a more assertive tone, and I was completely overwhelmed with emotion, so ashamed of being on the sensitive side of things. But, it was also the opposite with the flood of immense sentimental sensation when someone thoughtfully wrote a kind note on the fridge “just cause.”

For years, I’ve looked at my emotional sensitivity as my biggest weakness. But through this journey, I have learned to not only accept it, but embrace the possibilities it has given me.

What was once looked at as a burden has taught me everything about how to communicate my emotions to others. Although, it wasn’t necessarily a voluntary response, it was a visual one. My sensitive reaction to my feelings generated an obvious response that was visual to all. Whether it was through tears, blushing or a locked jaw from trying to hold it all together, it showed me that I can’t just hide my emotions. Instead, I have had to communicate them to those I care most about.

Communicating my emotions has not only helped me build strong foundations with those I hold close to my heart, but also accept new faces into the mix. Being emotionally sensitive has also allowed me to empathize with others beyond a surface level. 

I acknowledge that there are deep emotions that go beyond what I might be facing and that my circumstances aren’t anyone else’s. This forced me to try to empathize with other people on a deeper level. 

Feeling emotions deeply, or being sensitive to them, is so much healthier than bottling them up. Being voluntarily numb to feelings isn’t natural and only induces stress and anxiety. Fearing the vulnerability that comes with showing emotions is not only extremely inhumane, but also incredibly common.

For years, I tried to hold it in. I was embarrassed to be vulnerable and open about what I was feeling inside. But, I have learned vulnerability is not only our greatest asset, but also something tremendously mandatory for self growth. It’s become extremely normalized for people to become apologetic when showing emotions.

Instead of apologizing for them, we need to embrace them. Appreciate their origins and meanings, nurture them and understand them along the way. It feels like every time I would break down there would be an “I’m sorry,” following it. We should never become apologetic about feeling our emotions deeply, because they’re being felt for a reason.

Every single emotional breakdown in front of friends and family happened for a reason. All of the times I locked my jaw trying to hold back tears while reading a birthday card happened for a reason. All of the good and “bad” emotions are meaningful and hold importance in life. 

There is immense value in being comfortable with not necessarily understanding why all these emotions are happening, but knowing that there’s a purpose behind them and valuing them.

And although there have been what felt like uncontrollable emotions along the way, I hold those times close to my heart. I know every tear shed, whether it’s good or bad, and every heartache that I’ve endured has led me to where I need to be. It has led me to my goals of self growth and improvement.

Now I will not apologize for feeling things deeply, but merely embrace the opportunity to foster my own delicate emotions, because they’re mine to have.