HS Guide for Freshman

Tips and tricks for freshman


Johnny Romo

Junior Calvin Miller showing school spirit by holding up a ‘Defend the Nest’ poster.

Entering high school can bring its fair share of challenges. From battling early wake up times to figuring out where classes are in the maze of SHS, freshmen and new students have a lot to deal with on top of school work. High school is supposed to be an exciting experience as it prepares students to enter adulthood. Here are a few tips and tricks for ensuring the transition from middle school to high school is as smooth as it can be.

Branch out
While stepping out of comfort zones can be scary, it can also lead to many opportunities. Joining clubs or talking to people in classes can be a very simple way to be opened up to new things. Things in high school are a lot different than middle school, so finding ways to emerge yourself in school can be very helpful.

Ask for help when needed
It is very easy to let school work pile up. Teachers are there to provide assistance and clarification when needed. Simply reaching out can ease the pressure and provide relief. It is also important to complete assignments on time and when time is available. Sure napping after school is a wonderful idea, but make sure there is plenty of time to complete work.

Gain Perspective
Being in high school is the final step before entering adulthood. However, that doesn’t mean respect should be forgotten. People have places to go and things to do, so make sure standing in the middle of the hallway and talking is not the number one priority. Another thing is to make sure to respect staff and students. Everyone has a job they need to do, so it makes it a lot easier for everyone to be kind and courteous of them.

Have fun!
There are so many things to be involved in, and one of the most important things to do is have fun. Go to as many athletic events as possible, and participate during pep sessions. This year, all home games are free for students, which can make it a lot easier to attend. These activities are there to increase school spirit and they can be a blast! Being a downer is no way to guarantee friendships or enjoyment in school.

Overall, make sure to take advantage of the time spent here. The four years spent at SHS will fly by, and it is important to make the most out of them.