Unrequited love

Steve Lacy’s new album tells the story of his love life through his music

photo from Spotify

photo from Spotify

Steve Lacy’s newest album ‘Gemini Rights’ has become very popular since its release in July. The album features 10 songs with his most recognizable one being ‘Bad Habit,’ which can be heard all over social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Lacy’s genre of music has always been Lo-Fi, but this album is both Lo-Fi and R&B mixed together to make this beautiful album describing the love breakups that Lacy has gone through.

Lo-Fi has always been music that one might play in the background while they study. But, Lacy’s album entices the listeners to hear the story that he is telling. The contrast between the lyrics and the music itself are very admirable and differs from other songs in the Lo-Fi and R&B genres. The reason behind ‘Gemini Rights’ being written is not noticed at first due to the upbeat and catchy music.

The album in its entirety feels like watching a play about two people and their unrequited love. That is a theme that cannot always be executed in a way to keep the listener engaged without getting bored of the music. Most artists might jump from theme to theme for an album, but Lacy stuck to one theme to tell his love story from his perspective. 

 Lacy and Tyler the Creator have something in common when it comes to storytelling in their music. He essentially wrote a love story with his music in his ‘Igor’ album while still immersing the listener in great instrumentals. Both Lacy and Tyler set a visual idea and added on to the tone of love and how they have experienced it in their lives so far. They use great storytelling to share their music with others. 

There were some slower parts of the album that felt like they dragged on for a little longer than other songs, but nonetheless the album was still very good and it told a story of love and loss which many listeners could relate to. This album was very unique and beautiful to listen to. Though there were some slower moments in the album, it was a great listening experience.