Unneeded penalties in the NFL

Taunting penalties are unnecessary in the NFL


In 2003, New Orleans Saints receiver, Joe Horn, scored his second touchdown against the New York Giants. To celebrate, he pulled a phone out of the padding on the uprights and called his mother. This cost him 30 thousand dollars after a fine for unsportsmanlike conduct by the NFL.

 The NFL hands out too many taunting and excessive celebration calls, almost to the point where it seems as though the players can’t express themselves at all. When you score for your team or sack the other team’s quarterback, it is exciting and a big celebration should be allowed. According to the NFL rulebook, taunting is defined as “any flagrant acts or remarks that deride, mock, bait, or embarrass an opponent.”

One of the most recent examples of a player just celebrating and putting on a show for the fans, which is what pro sports is about anyway, is when the Kansas City Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill put up his signature peace sign when he ran past a defender. He got fined 10 thousand dollars for the act. This doesn’t hurt anybody, and it makes the fans more excited to watch the game.

People watch professional sports to be entertained, which is why there are such big celebrations when players score or NBA players make a show out of dunking. One argument brought up is that they are supposed to be professional and play the game. These athletes are the best in the world at what they do and they are having fun playing the game they love, just in front of millions of people. 

Now, you don’t see college athletes making a show and being obnoxious. That is because they are playing for a chance to be a professional athlete and prove they deserve it over the other 73 thousand college players, according to the NCAA. Once they reach the NFL, they don’t have to worry about impressing general managers. They can play the game they love and have a great time doing it. 

The NFL needs to stop penalizing taunts and celebrations. Any bad call is going to bring bad publicity to the NFL and to the referees. Taunting, trash talking and celebrations are a part of the game and that is why many fans, including myself, love to see it.