Dance team hopes changes lead to wins

Trinity Cline-Smith, Reporter

From hip hop to jazz to country and more, there is a wide variety of music genres out there. Not to mention the various dances that can be choreographed to go along with all the types of music.

The SHS Dance Team has taken hip hop music and created a 2 minute long dance to go along with it. They will be competing this Sunday, Feb. 8 at East Central High School, along with close to 90 other dance teams, according to Mrs. Jessi Walpole, coach of the dance team.

“It’s not just high schools (that are competing), it’s studios,” Walpole said. “They are a lot more advanced than a high school team, so it’s very nerve wracking.”

The team has been practicing six days a week, with three to four hour practices each day in preparation for their competition. They have also changed their outfits to match the style of dance that they are doing, according to senior Shayna Welsh. Instead of their normal red, white and black sparkly uniforms, they are going with Converse, black joggers, a white cut off t-shirt and a black and white bandana.

“(At the) Last competition, when we used the sparkly one…we got deducted points because our outfits didn’t match (our style of music),” Welsh said. “(But) I’m excited. I love dancing.”

Walpole says that she is most impressed with the way the team has picked up on all of the changes that have been made. This time they are adding in “tricks” such as cartwheels, round off back handsprings, stunts and more.

The choreography has also been changed at least six or seven times, due to Walpole’s dislike of a move or set of moves. She says that the girls on the dance team have been very flexible with the changes that she has made, and she has been impressed by that.

Welsh and Walpole both believe that the team will do well at their upcoming competition. They placed first at the previous one, and even though there are studios at the next, both are excited. They believe that they are well prepared.

“I have high hopes for them…they’ve worked really hard…I think it’ll pay off,” Walpole said.