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Fading away

Platonic friendship fallouts hurt worse than romantic ones
Fading away

Friendships are an important and monumental part of life. They help leave whatever unhealthy habits someone may have, they always have a shoulder to lean on.

No matter the length of the relationship, whether it be romantic or with a friend, letting go of a loved one is something that’s never expected. It’s easy to find a romantic relationship, but the level of trust, the level of love one can get from a friend is not the same once it’s lost.

Although both types of relationships are very different and complicated, the effects of losing either one are very similar. However, friendships are something people naturally gravitate towards.

But one big difference between the two is that friendship breakups are not as common of a conversation topic.

Many would argue that romantic relationships have a bigger impact and a better connection, but friendships require almost the same type of intimacy and the same connection. No one wants to be friends with someone they don’t like or trust.

A partner is someone that is loved as well, but a best friend is someone who is more than that. A friend is someone a person can be themselves with, feel more relaxed. Oftentimes, a person shares so much more than just love with a friend.

A friend can be more than a friend, a soulmate even. Partners can be that as well, but friends have a higher chance of staying forever, while a relationship with a significant other can end the next day.

Going through a breakup usually always leaves both parties with an understanding at the end. Many think just because it’s a friendship, there doesn’t need to be a sense of communication, which is far from the truth. Due to this, a platonic relationship can start fading, and neither person knows why.

There can be a lot of guilt with losing a long-term friend. With relationships, there’s usually a trial and error period that comes with trying to not lose a partner. However, it’s different with friends. Both parties tend to feel as if they’re the only ones putting in the work. One person could struggle with knowing that their friendship is failing and not reach out, and this only isolates both people involved.

Many individuals don’t expect to lose a friend. No one is really ready to lose a person that they trust so much. There are many articles out on the internet that have tips to move on from a boyfriend, girlfriend or partner.

Losing a friend is hard, and it’s not recognized. It doesn’t matter who ends it, it is painful. Both types of relationships are important and are beautiful interactions in life.

However, a friendship is something more sacred than a relationship. Many go through relationships, and many end them. Friendship is an amazing and important thing for the human mind and body, and it’s important to recognize that they may not always be there forever.


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Salem Ortega-Morales
Salem Ortega-Morales, Photographer
Hi! It’s Salem again for the second year in a row, writing another staff bio. I won’t be writing any stories, but instead, I’ll be a full-time photographer (with the exception of writing captions). This year I’ll be a junior, and I could not be more excited to return. Unlike last year, I don’t have my hair dyed anymore and I’m no longer a writer. Photography is something I gravitate more and more everyday, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Although I’ll miss writing (only a little), I can’t wait to start a new era. This past year, I’ve met so many people on The Journal who have helped me grow and branch out as an aspiring photojournalist. Despite changing my whole position, not much about me is different from last year. I’m still a Steve Lacy, Tyler the Creator, Arctic Monkeys and The Cure fan. I still have my two cats, and we added one more to the family over the summer. Besides all that, I can’t wait to bring you all this year’s photos, and I’m so glad to have the opportunity of being one of the ones to do so.

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