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She’s everything. So is Ken.

Backlash that the ‘Barbie’ movie faced is the point

“This movie is everything wrong with the world atm. This movies purpose is to tear down men and make men seem like the bad guy at every opportunity. I’m tired of the women are so oppressed and men ruin everything culture we currently live in . If u are thinking about seeing this movie, I would highly recommend u don’t”

This negative review by @Bruinz on Letterboxd is just one of many about the “Barbie” movie that came out on July 21, and there is a lot to unpack with this.

After dressing up in pink with my friends and sobbing over this movie in the car, I was shocked to see this hate so soon. But, after a little bit of time, I realized I wasn’t necessarily surprised.

To start, I think it is fair to let some criticism of this movie slide. After all, no movie is perfect, and everyone has a different taste and preference when it comes to the films and genres they watch.

I don’t expect everyone to love this movie even though I did. Honestly, I don’t expect everyone to like it either.

However, there is a problem with the backlash this movie is facing that’s deeper than plot holes, audience ratings or personal preference or flow.

It’s the fact that the movie is really about how our society and patriarchy is hurting everyone, but the “anti-men” reactions to the film feed into its message. Although people have been very adamant about the film hating on men, it truly shows how our current society harms both women and men.

The start of the movie shows Barbieland, a matriarchal society. Kens don’t have real jobs, homes, a say in the community and they rely on attention from Barbies to feel satisfied and meaningful.

The exact opposite of this is shown in the real world and Kendom, a patriarchy, where the Ken’s took over the houses, government, jobs and had Barbies serve them.

The real message of the film lies in both the Barbie’s and Ken’s reactions to each society. The Kens weren’t happy and satisfied in the matriarchy in the same way the Barbie’s weren’t happy and satisfied in the patriarchy.

But they weren’t really talking about Barbies, Kens, Dream Houses or Mojo Dojo Casa Houses. They were talking about women, men and everything about our relationships with each other.

The immediate criticism of the movie is so representative of the movie.

This movie aimed to promote balance and change from the patriarchy that we live in today to an equal world for both sexes but is instead receiving backlash from many, both men and women.

Our society has been so extreme with the balance of sexes generally, so it’s difficult for many to think that a film could promote such a world.

But it did. By criticizing it for an incorrect interpretation, we are harming ourselves and our society. Because, yes, she is everything, but Ken is too.

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