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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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Welcoming worship

SHS students implement their religion in school
photo contributed by Esther Li

Inspiring and uniting students back to Jesus is exactly what Youth Back to Jesus, UBTJ, hopes to accomplish. The club got its start before COVID-19, but like most clubs, when the pandemic hit, they had to resort to a virtual meeting system over Zoom.


Over the Zoom meetings, students read the Bible and prayed together. Though the number of students attending the meetings was very low, the group persevered through the hard times. Now, the UBTJ numbers are starting to grow, and th

Students use their phones to read the Bible together. photo contributed by senior Esther Li

ey are continuing to help students’ grow their faith and touch the lives of many.

Senior Esther Li, former team leader of the club, played a big role in helping the club get its place on the map and getting students to attend meetings. Though she is not team leader anymore, she still plays an important role in the club and believes in its significance.


“With this club we are able to gather together, worship together and pray together …” Li said. “We really desire to see our friends come back to Jesus Christ.”

The purpose of this club has not only helped Li but others who also are looking for a community to grow their faith in and connect with each other.

“Some of (the members) are freshmen and they are really shy, but through the work of God, we are reading and sharing our testimonies, (so) we form connections,” UBTJ member Abisak Awi said.

The group aspires to include anyone and everyone. During meetings, students read their Bibles, play the guitar and sing along to some of their favorite songs. They also engage in something called “quiet time.” During this time, students read the Bible, share and pray together.

The environment of UBTJ is a place where students can relax after a long day of work at school.

Students gather in a circle to pray together. photo contributed by Li

For students like junior Nini Hniang, it’s a place where she can include her religion in her daily life at school. With all the hardships that come with school and other extracurriculars, it doesn’t leave much time to focus on her walk with God.

Hniang believes that the club is a great way for her to retain the religion aspect throughout her daily time at SHS.

“Despite having to balance school work and clubs, I still try to find a way to connect with God,” Hniang said. “UBTJ helps me find ways to include God in my school life.”

UBTJ not only inspires and helps many student’s grow their faith and form communities of students who

share a similar purpose, but also helps others who oversee the club.


SHS Teacher Lloyd Winebarger, who is also the sponsor of UBTJ, chose to facilitate the group after he had several students ask him if he would be willing to take the position. He knew about the hardships that come with finding a teacher that has time to host a club, so he decided he would lend a helping hand to the group.

Ever since supporting the group, he has met new students and seen how they carry out their passions.


Senior Rem Tial and Freshman Isaac Duhtling sing worship songs together. photo by Salem Ortega-Morales

“It’s really cool to watch them organize themselves and do all these things that they are really passionate about,” Winebarger said.


UBTJ continues to help students grow their faith and teach others about things they would have never have learned.

Though the start of the club had a rough start, the group was able to make something of themselves, and they have spent a lot of time making sure that UBTJ serves its purpose of bringing youth back to Jesus.


“We’re able to see what we’re struggling with and just pray for one another,” Li said, “(and) also pray for the other nations who do not know who Jesus Christ is.”


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