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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

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Family Trio

Related staff members appreciate the bond that comes from working together
photo by Salem Ortega-Morales

After selling shoes at a department store in California, counseling secretary Melanie Davis started her career here at SHS in 2015.

Living in California, Melanie was a teaching assistant and worked with kids in preschool to third grade who were on the autism spectrum. Melanie did this for nine years before coming to Indiana.

Following her daughter-in-law, Melanie made the decision to move to Indianapolis.


Melanie and her family work together at SHS. She works in the guidance office with her daughter Holly Bohanon, while her daughter-in-law Lauren Davis works in student services.

“I started off working at Jeremiah Grey, and I worked there a couple (of) years, and then I worked five years over at PTEC in the preschool,” Melanie said. “I decided I needed a grown-up job, so I took a job here at SHS.”

Bohanon was the one who recommended SHS to Melanie and Lauren. Bohanon loved the environment at SHS, and she found the staff to be very warm and welcoming.

“I’ve always heard great things about Perry Township,” Bohannon said. “I had originally worked over at another school district, and it wasn’t great, so I wanted to at least try and work here.”

For them, working at SHS has been like one big family, literally.

They don’t see each other as much as most people would think, but they still believe working together is something special that they will always cherish.

“I enjoy it. I work with my daughter. (She) works in the same office, (but) we don’t really see each other,” Melanie said. “It’s funny, and my daughter-in-law works across the way, and we really only see each other on the weekends.”

Even though Melanie isn’t able to see them during the school day, she feels that she is lucky to be able to have the opportunity to work with them.

Lauren also says she feels lucky to have good in-laws. She is very appreciative to have such a healthy relationship with her family and being able to work with them is something that not every family is able to do.

The Davises and Bohanan feel like they have built a strong foundation when it comes to them working together. They think that they have a healthy relationship that not all people are lucky to have.

“I really enjoy working with my family. Some people might not like it especially if it’s your in-laws, but I got blessed with really amazing in-laws,” Lauren said. “We are all really close. We hang out all the time, and it’s nice having a support system just straight across the hall over at guidance.”


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