Maddison Bethel-Brown


Mark Carlson, Reporter

Maddison Bethel-Brown

Year: Senior

Years Swam: 4

Q: What’s your favorite team memory?

A: “It’s a tie between this year and last year, when my medley team broke the record last year at (the) sectional, and this year at Perry (Meridian) and the experience of getting to do that is amazing.”


Q: What’s your favorite coach’s quote?

A: “Push yourself now, and the pain of what you’re feeling won’t be as bad as the pain of disappointment in the end.”


Q: What’s your favorite event?

A: “50 freestyle”


Q: What would you do if someone peed in the pool?

A: “I pee in the pool all the time, so if you gotta go, you gotta go.”


Q: Do you prefer hot or cold water?

A: “When you first get in the pool, you want it to be warm, because you’re freezing, but then for your practices or races you want to water to be cold because it cools off your muscles.”