Student Star: Junior shows wide range of musical interests


Kali Ingels, Reporter

Since she was around the age of six, junior Chloe Marsh had a great interest in music. So Marsh soon began to play the piano and she then later decided to learn how to play the guitar by the time she was thirteen. While she was in middle school, Marsh showed an interest in singing. She then decided to begin to take choir class, though she is more passionate about her other musical interests such as playing the piano which sparked her interest in music.

“I really liked the sound the piano made,” Marsh said. “And from that, I just got really interested in music.”

As of now, Marsh has plans to continue with her singing through her participation in Show Choir, though she does not have any intentions of pursuing anything singing related after high school. She also says that her playing the piano and the guitar are just side hobbies. Though she enjoys them, she does not have any special groups or events she will be doing with them.

Occasionally, some people have teased and made jokes about her singing while in class, but she never really cared. It was what she enjoyed, and she does not let a few jokes stop her. Since she first started her love of music, Marsh has felt as though playing her instruments as well as her singing was a way to express how she feels and a way to express who she is as a person. As she works on her music, Marsh believes that it helps her escape from her daily life.

“I continue on with them because I feel like not everyone can do everything that I am capable of,” Marsh said. “Doing them also helps me get my mind off of things and it puts me into another world.”

Though she does not have future plans for her musical talents, she enjoys simply playing her instruments and singing songs. Marsh likes to see her musical interests more so as hobbies rather than a potential career, though she still enjoys playing music.