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The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired

The student online newsmagazine of SHS

The Journal Rewired

Lily Zing
Junior Christian Elizondo and Junior Rocco Frederick do kicking sets during a team practice on Thursday Feb. 2.

Blondes of the pool

Dive deep into the Swim Team’s enduring tradition of hair bleaching

In junior Sydney Hartman’s home, laughter and small talk fills the air, accompanied by the unmistakable scent of bleach. It’s that time of year again for the SHS swim team to start bleaching their hair as they gear up for the season’s end.

The familiar scent does not just mark a change in hair color. It also produces a tradition that binds them together, capturing the essence of their shared journey as a team

“Everybody is hanging out, talking, and laughing. So it’s just a really fun time,” Hartman said.

The tradition has been going on for ages in the SHS swim team, but no one from the current team can recall its origin. Still, the essence of the tradition remainsvivid. Although the team cannot remember when or how it all began, they share a collective understanding of why they faithfully bleach their hair each season.

Some swimmers only bleach a few sections of their hair while others choose to skip the bleach and go for a colored hairstyle. In the end, they all look different, but it’s not just about the appearance. Colorful or colorless, their hair makes for a great opportunity for the team to stand out together.

“I feel like it’s less of not looking good as an individual but (what) makes you stand out as a team,” junior Charles Kottolowski said.

While bleaching hair is a notorious bonding activity for the team, it is not the sole contributor to their connection. Various bonding practices and activities that occur throughout the year also contributes to building their strong relationship.

One of these traditions is an annual “lock in” where they hang around at the school until 11 p.m. and then proceed to go home or spend the night at one of the teammates’ house. Other activities the teams partake in includes Secret Santa and bowling.

The SHS swim teams stand strong together as they reflect on the numerous traditions they engage in. The traditions live on as a symbol of their enduring connections and high school memories.


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