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The troop leader (Meredith Ziegler) bonds with her girl scout troop. photo by Darcy Leber

Feeling ‘Empowered’

Spring play allows cast to channel and relive light-hearted energy

Shortly after reading descriptions of storylines on a website that licenses various theatrical play ideas and noticing the incorporation of humor, and entrepreneurial ventures, alongside life lessons throughout the production, the SHS spring play was chosen to be “Empowered.” The first showing was on March 13 and will run through March 16.

“The play is about how one Girl Scout nearly destroyed the world’s economy,” theater teacher Caleb Francis said.

This is how the theater director, Caleb Francis describes the plot. The selection was based on the humor and appeal to child characters.
Out of the three different options of plays that Francis thought would be interesting to bring to life, he found out that everyone in his theater production class would agree on the feeling that “Empowered” was “the one.”

Amaryllis (Astrid Gojko) talks to a friend while making a pouty face. photo by Darcy Leber

“It’s something that I take pride in doing, in putting good productions up,” Francis said.

Francis’s motivation stems from a passion for working with the theater cast and enjoying their unique character portrayals. He mentions how important the individual contribution from the young actors involved in the process is, as it enhances the overall performance.

“The play really just teaches to not take life so seriously and have fun. But also remember what is most important in life like friendships and building relationships with people.”

In the world of “Empowered,” a Girl Scout troop was introduced to the challenge of selling as many cookies as they could and securing a victory, which would be followed by the biggest prize: a unicorn. The play centers around Amaryllis, played by senior Astrid Gojko, who cibsuders herself to be one of the worst sellers on the leaderboard. She tends to give up everything it takes, taking whatever path necessary to find ways to sell more boxes.

“I act as an eight-year-old,” Gojko said. “That was like 10 years ago for me, and it’s really fun to channel that energy and be super silly in this play.”

The actors are young adults playing children, which gives them the chance to live in their past and bring youthful energy back to portray those silly characters.
Amaryllis’s adventure follows the “whatever it takes” strategy. It reaches the lines of unconventional cookie-selling methods such as scheming, faking terminal illnesses, providing loans for people and many more ridiculous things.

This all highlights the comedic dynamic between her and Potts, the sillly main male character, played by Tristen Blakely, who’s crazily in love with Amaryllis.


“I’m a creepy, dorky kind of kid that falls in love with Amaryllis,” Blakely said. “My favorite thing is to do a voice for Potts and also working with my co-stars and just having fun.”

Since discovering a love for theater earlier in school, Blakely’s passion for acting has grown immensely, and “Empowered” is another page of their experience that fosters a newfound appreciation for the art form.

Junior Lizzie Forrester, an ensemble character, agreed and assured that this show is a significant source of joy for both the cast and the audience.

“Especially in a show like this, where we’re doing some silly things on stage, it’s just made me so much more comfortable with myself as a person, in and outside of theater,” Forrester said.

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    lucy len dimApr 30, 2024 at 9:12 am

    I LOVE THIS STORY GIRL !!!!! you did so good w/ transitioning & flow & including big words too!!! so proud of you!!!