Lacrosse team has to look to new coach to help for the loss of experience


Justin Ray, Reporter

The SHS lacrosse team is going through big changes. Some of the players and coaches will not be returning this season and new ones are coming in.

Doug Aldridge will be coming back to be the head coach. He was the coach for the SHS lacrosse team three years ago. He is making his return.

“Stepping back into the coaching staff has been a little interesting because the last year that I coached my son was a senior,” Aldridge said. “I’m coming back to a team that my son is not playing on but I have him as an assistant coach this year.”

His son’s name is Zack Aldridge. He used to play on the SHS lacrosse team.

The team lost 11 seniors from last lacrosse season. Out of the 11 seniors, 7 of them were our top scoring players so it will be tough, Aldridge says.

There are some new captains this season one of them including junior Tyler Schank.

“I think we are going to be decent,” Schank said. “I think we’ve improved since we started practicing.”

Aldridge feels that the Cards’ toughest opponents this season will be Center Grove, Roncalli, and the three Evansville schools. He thinks it will be hard to face some of these teams with the loss of their top scoring players from last season.

There are at least 10 new freshman that will be joining the team this season. The more experienced players such as the captains and the upperclassmen will need to step up.

This is Garrett Gibson’s year to break out, Aldridge says. He feels that there will be a lot of pressure on him to score this season. It will take a lot more, though. The whole team will need to step up.

Aldridge’s goal for his team this season is to get a record of .500 at best. To make this happen the Cards will need to play as a team. They will need to trust each others and trust their coaches. He understands that this is a rebuilding process.