Cardinal Academy helps students have learning opportunities outside of the classroom

Trinity Cline-Smith, Reporter

Senior Breiona Radford has been taking classes through Cardinal Academy since her sophomore year. She says that she enjoys the classes that she takes because they are easier than being in a class with a teacher and classmates.

“You basically can multitask with this program and your work schedule. Cardinal Academy, I think, is one of the best academies that they can have,” Radford said.

Cardinal Academy coincides with Plato, according to assistant principal Mrs. Elizabeth Walters. They are both online programs that can help students recover from lost credits or make room for electives in their schedule. Cardinal Academy can also help students get their classes done while they go to their job part time, according to Radford. Overall, Cardinal Academy is a beneficial program for the students that take it, Radford says.

“(Cardinal Academy) operates with Plato and credit recovery…(but these credits) are not recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Kids who want to be athletes in college would not want to take classes (through these programs),” Walters said.

Cardinal Academy can be taken by students during their regular school day, and can be worked into their schedule as needed. There is also a teacher in the classroom with students as they do their work on the computers to help them in case they have any questions. Radford says that she really finds that the teacher or teachers can help her focus on the task at hand.

¨Currently, it’s been hard, but with the teachers I have, they’ve been working with me and (they’ve been giving me) a lot of help. They make sure that they push you and that you’re here on time,¨ Radford said.

Radford says that Cardinal Academy pushes students to want to come to school every day so that they can get their work done and get it over with. She says that if students do classes through this program, it has to be something that they want to do.