Girls track team moves practice outside


Brandon Baker

Numbers on the track as they appear at Perry Stadium. The girls track team hosts their first outdoor meet on Thurs. March 26, 2015.

Brandon Baker, Reporter

With the weather finally warming up, the SHS girls track team moved their practices from the hallways of SHS to the actual track outside.

After what seemed like an extended winter, temperatures have consistently been in the 50s, 60s and even 70s for the past week. The team finally has the ability to practice outside, something that will come in handy with the indoor track season coming to an end. The first outdoor meet is Thursday, March 26 against Ben Davis.

Being outside means that the team has access to pole vault, high jump, long jump, shot put and discus equipment. Hallways are replaced with actual long straightaways. Head coach, Mr. Nathan Fishel, is excited about the move outdoors.

“It’s more realistic,” Fishel said. “You don’t have hallway meets, we have track meets. So we go to the track to practice.”

The athletes on the team also have a boosted morale about being outside, according to Fishel. Going outdoors also means that spring is close and winter is ending. The kids enjoy the fresh air and knowing that outdoor track meets are coming, Fishel says.

Junior Katie Cox agrees with Fishel. She says that although their workouts are the same, it’s refreshing to be outside.

“I feel like no matter who you are, no matter what team you’re on, being outside is better than having to run inside,” Cox said.

The girls’ next meet happens to be their first outside meet of the year. The meet takes place next Thursday, home, against Ben Davis.