Cards look to change old habits with win against the Falcons

Alex Green, Reporter


The Cardinals baseball team’s game has been rescheduled for Thursday, April 23 against rival Perry Meridian.  The Cards  have a record of 1-7 and the Falcons have a record of 2-6.  The Cards haven’t beaten the Falcons in six years, according to head coach Mr. Scott Whitlock.  He says that in the past few meetings the two have had have been one run games.  He’s changing up the line-up for tomorrow’s game to see if it works.  According to Whitlock, it’s time to change the tides in their favor.

“When you’re 1-7, you’re looking to find things that make a change,” Whitlock said.  “You can take the same horse to a water well, but if it’s dry (the horse) can’t drink.”