SHS RDM creates another outlet to raise charity funds

Zing Vang, Reporter

SHS is one of many high schools around the country to host a dance marathon for Children’s Miracle Network hospital which is one of the largest student organizations on college campus. Specifically, all of the money that is raised throughout the year goes directly to Riley Hospital for Children.

This year, SHS student will have a great opportunity to be collaborating with others to aid children in need on April 17.

According to RDM Co-President Danielle Keeler, they want to increase in student members which will help raise the donations for RDM fundraisers.

“I hope more students participation than before,” Keeler said. “and dancing for (the) kids who can’t dance, I think it’s a great opportunity.”

Last year, RDM started an annual mini marathon at the middle school. According to Keeler, it’s a condensed version of what they do at the high school.  It’s 3 hours long and it’s a great way to get the younger kids involved prior to reaching SHS, Keeler says.

She hopes that students try to give more than just money to the hospital; they should also try to provide a wonderful and special experience for the Riley kids, Keeler says.

“I promise you’ll have a blast,” Keeler said. “I’m the worst dancer you’ll ever meet, so don’t let bad dancing keep you from coming. RDM is an unbelievable event that you don’t want to miss.”

The marathon is a celebration of life, hope, love and dreaming big for multiple riley kids and their families. According to Keeler, RDM is one of the most inspirational events she has ever been a part of.