NHS’s newest members became inducted into the program

Each year SHS bestows one of its highest honors upon its upper classmen, a membership to the National Honors Society. The process of becoming an NHS member begins with a letter of eligibility given to students with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher, outstanding character as recommended by their teachers, leadership qualities, involvement in school activities and service for either the school or community. These students apply, then, if accepted, they will become an official NHS member at the annual induction ceremony.

Many believe becoming a part of NHS is an amazing accomplishment in their high school career. Junior inductee Geneve Cung felt very proud of herself for being accepted. She felt as though her hours of hard work had finally paid off. Cung was involved in Green Earth Society and she gives an amount of her time to Key club where they do many volunteer work and services.

“I felt accomplished,” Cung said. “It makes me feel good that all my hours of community service through Key club were worth it. I felt really happy and proud.”

There was a total of 69 NHS inductees who attended this year’s annual ceremony, consisting of nine seniors and 60 juniors, on Sunday, April 12. During the event, speeches were given by the NHS president Jensen Smith along with other officers, superintendent Dr. Thomas Little and various teachers. Principal Ms. Barbara Brouwer announced the names of the inductees as they walked across the stage holding their ceremonial candles. Once lit, each of the inductees raised their right hands and said a pledge thus making them honorary members of NHS. As they crossed the stage, the students received their National Honor Society membership cards and NHS patches for their letterman jackets.

This event meant a lot to the students of SHS inductees, such as junior Alaina Speiser who was honored to be a part of such a prestigious organization.

“It’s so honorable to be chosen on the top of your class,” Speiser said. “It’s such a cool feeling to be in such a prestigious group like that.”

Many of the students, such as Speiser and Cung, were proud of their induction and are proud to be a part of what they believe to be a prestigious society, and they look forward to their future involvement as a member of NHS.


The inductees are as follows:

Seniors Juniors
Cantrell, Nickolas Andreis, Alyssa Harris, Colin Speiser, Alaina
Carlson, Grant Arndt, Emma Hart, Katie Sui, Htayni Partha
Jenkins, Montana Awosanya, Olatundun Heath, Madison Sullivan, Julianna
Leach, Evan Boyer, Jaclyn Hing, Nu Thomas, Kaileigh
Mabe, Emily Brite, Zakary Hinkle, Arizona Van Baale, Alexa
Patterson, Kaitlyn Brunk, Joseph Kendrick, Emily Walker-Crawford, Susie
Scott, Rebecca Bucker, Delaney Kibby, Haley Whitlock, Britton
Sung, Tuan Burnett, Chelsea Kim, Fibi Zanhkung, Seng
Zing, Hanah Burton, Alexis Lian, Peter Van Vawi
Caldwell, Courtney Ling, Mang Khup
Chappell, Caroline Macy, Britni
Childers, Riley Main, Carley
Chin, Ahbisak B. Maple, Andrew
Collins, Kaylee Mawi, Chhan Him
Cooper, Alexandria May, Nicholas
Cox, Katelynn Par,Tial Chin
Cung, Geneve Par, Elizabeth Duh Chin
Dearth, Sydney Patterson, Emily
Dickinson, Adelaide Peters, Elizabeth
Dishman, Samantha Phutin, Bawi Uk Lian
Flores Sanchez, Stephanie Poynter, Jade
Fox, Kayla Rigney, Brooke
Friar, Emma Sang, Lian Sian
Gadient, Morgan Sethman, Nicholas
Gunderson, Anna Smithers, Nicole