Top 20 take pride in their work


Senior Sui Tial

A mere .028 was the grade point average separating the student GPA ranks of 20th and 21st student. There are many techniques to getting to top 20, one of the most important is to start working now, according to SHS principal Ms.Barbara Brouwer. Almost all of the top 20 student STARS have a grade point average over a 4 which is equal to an A average in all of their classes.

“It’s not something that students can decide later on in life,” Brouwer said.

In addition to Brouwer’s advice, STARS seniors Sui Tial and Montana Jenkins both found their place in the top 20 through abundant studying, hard work and a well-structured management of time.

According to Tial, most of her peers study around 30 minutes or more and they would understand each of their classes and receive good grades. However, it was different with Tial, she would typically need to study for at least two hours. Through hard work and lots of effort, she has climbed to the top of her class, Tial says.

Knowing she is able to make it to the top 20 of her class gives Tial the heart to try even harder, not just in school but her personal life as well. Something Tial learned and highly suggests to future seniors is to not let the “senioritis” get to them. She believes one should not give up on anything in or out of school no matter how hard it is. Great results are obtained by hard work, Tial says.

“I’m glad that I could be in top 20 and that I could show a way for younger sisters and brothers,” Tail said. “I feel proud for that. It’s not my doing, it’s all in God’s hands. There is nothing to be proud of in myself actually but I’m happy.”

Jenkins was not expecting to be in the top 20 of her class. After noticing she was ranked 21 last semester, it really hit her, she had to try her hardest. Jenkins was really surprised, but she was very happy. She worked really hard, studied and made sure she was getting everything done on time.

“Being in the top 20 means I’m a really hard worker and if I can get into the top of my class, then I can do a lot of things,” Jenkins said.

All of the students of the top 20 are proud of their hard work and happy to be where they are. Brouwer is very proud of all the top 20 students. She believes they are and always will be representatives of SHS.

“They’re phenomenal,” Brouwer said. “They’re in the top 20 of their senior class.They get to honor an educator and get their pictures on posters. I’m so proud of them. They will be absolutely wonderful representatives of SHS and the community for years and years to come.”