New Perry Meridian football stadium being contemplated

The idea of Perry Meridian High School getting their own competitive football stadium rather than sharing one with SHS is being explored by administrators of the township, and looks as if it would benefit both Perry Meridian and SHS.

Whether or not this idea will ever be made into a reality is unknown, but there seems to be conversation going on about it.

“There’s a stronger chance now in accomplishing this task than the eight years that I’ve been here,”  Perry Township superintendent Dr. Thomas Little said.  
For a project like this to ever come to fruition, there would need to be some moral support for it somewhere. Little ensured that such support is out there.

“We’re receiving strong community support for something like this,” Little said.

These statements support the idea that discussion about Perry Meridian getting a stadium is going on among the staff members of the township.

Little also ensured that Perry Meridian does have the land required to carry on with a project like this.

“There is enough space there to develop a competition field,” Little said.

The concept of Perry Meridian getting a football stadium does seem to bring with it some positives for their school.

Even shying away from the idea that Perry Meridian would no longer have to split a stadium with SHS, they would also save gas money.

“Perry Meridian would no longer have to get on a bus and drive across the district to get to their own home game,” SHS athletic director Pete Hubert said.

Hubert also thinks that if Perry Meridian were to get a stadium, it would not only benefit their football team but also inject a shot of positive moral amongst the rest of the students there.   

“Something like that at the beginning of the school year sets the tone for the school year, and gets the kids excited,” Hubert said.

Speaking of student benefits, even SHS students would seemingly gain from Perry Meridian getting their own separate field, particularly the football players.

Perry Meridian getting a stadium would mean that SHS would no longer have to share one with their in Township rival.

“I’d actually be really happy with it,” SHS senior football player Justin Herring said. “Because I think as Southport, as a rival, we deserve it since we have beat them since the last 5 years.”