The Scenic Route


Madison Heath, a senior, who traveled not only out of the country, but to several places such as Barcelona, London, and Paris all in ten days. Most students typically don’t go out of the country, but for Madison this was actually her second time. During the ten day span of Madison’s trip she encountered a lot of cultural changes and says how much these countries differ from what people in America  are used to.

“London is really dirty, they can’t have trash cans in the train stations because (the threat of) bombs, so you can just throw your trash in the corner.”

Madison explains that compared to where we live, the United States is much cleaner as to what would be seen in London. Also, the metro system is a lot more common in London, than it is in America. They tend to use the bus to get to where they need to be, instead of traveling by car.

“My overall favorite part of the trip was probably in London, I’m a Harry Potter nerd, so we went to Platform 9 and 3/4 at King’s Cross.”

Heath also went to Paris and described it as “something you’d see in the movies.” She loved everything about Paris from the culture and language to the scenery. Heath also enjoyed the restaurants in Paris.

“Mr. Bailey actually took us to this creperie in the Latin Quarter that he went to in college and it was really nice.”

Heath said if she could travel back to any of the places she went to on her trip it would definitely be Paris.

As with Paris, Heath describes Barcelona, Spain as scenic. She didn’t have much other to say about its culture, but that it was a very panoramic country. Parcel was a very popular tourist sight in Barcelona, being a park area with benches surrounding a lot of Mosaic pictures that are hung around.

The eight hour flight there and back was very much worth these experiences Heath says. Though being her second time traveling to Europe, she would still love to return to all of these countries, again.