39 Days out of the Country


Spain, England and France are  places that a small group of students from SHS took over over the summer. Sophomore Lydia Mun was one of the students in this group, not only did she travel through Europe, but she also managed to go on another trip to South Korea.

On her trip through Europe, Mun spent ten days with a few people from Southport Middle School and a small group of fellow students from SHS through a travel program. Mun says that the architecture in England was the best thing she had experienced on the trip.

“The apartments were so pretty because they were old-fashioned and not like over here,” Mun said. “Here, its all twenty-first century.”

Contrarily, she did not agree with the food preferences at every stop on their trip. Mun says that she liked both the food in England and Paris but she says that the food in Barcelona was too bland for [her] taste.

While the ten-day trip through Europe was purely for fun and for extension of her knowledge of the culture, the trip to South Korea was more than twice as long and was to pay a visit to her family who lives there. Lydia spent twenty-nine days admiring the beauty of South Korea and sharing time with her family.

Mun says that the food there would be considered weird by Americans and other South Koreans alike.

“I had sannakji, it’s live squid, there are a lot of Korean people that can’t eat it, it’s not just Americans that think it’s gross,” Mun said. “You do not just eat it plain, you dip it in sauce and it’s kind of hard to pick it up.”

She says her grandmother demonstrated how  to chop up the squid by swinging an imaginary knife down with full force on an imaginary squid.

The weather, on the other hand, was not to her liking.  Mun says that it was really hot and humid there. However, she affirmed that she would enjoy visiting again, especially to be reunited with the food.