Six member booster club sees advantageous results


Nicholas Meacham

Booster Club members Cooper Davis, Joey Brunk, Trevor Coleman, and Shane Berch stand in the middle of the Fieldhouse alongside the Cardinal during the first pep-session on Aug. 21.

For almost the past 50 years, SHS’s booster club has been composed of four students. Now, since the  booster club has six officers opposed to only four, new possibilities open up for the club.

“Expect the level of inspiration from when Forrest Gump runs,” booster club officer Cooper Davis said.

Davis says that since the booster club now has six people, they’re able to get tasks done better and in a shorter period of time. Each club officer has a certain job delegated to them based on what they’re better at to ensure they get the job done efficiently.

“With a six man booster club as opposed to a four man booster club we have better delegation of work,” Davis said. “Because of that, we’re accomplishing more in less time and we’re also putting out more videos and more content than in previous years.”

Not only does the booster club plan on putting more videos and content out to the student body, but they plan on improving attendance at school events. Their goal is to attend almost every home event this year, not just ones for football and boys basketball. They’re hoping to distribute support for every sport, and to get more people to come out and attend these events. Along with sports, the booster club wants to get more people to go to theater events, too.

Davis says that in hopes of making more people to want to come out and support SHS, the booster club plans on making events more enjoyable than they have been in previous years.

“The big focus this year is to try to get people more involved, especially those who don’t really care.””

— Zak Brite

Senior booster club member Zak Brite agrees.

“We’re going to try some new stuff in the cheer block,” Brite said. “The big focus this year is to try to get people more involved, especially those who don’t really care.”

SHS’s first pep rally of the 2015-2016 school year will take place on Aug. 21. Although they can’t elaborate on their specific plans because they want to make it a surprise, Davis says students should expect a “Fergalicious” pep rally.