Q & A with IU Honors Program participants

Five SHS students participated last summer in the IU Honors Program, which allowed them to stay in the country they chose for five to seven weeks.

Question 1: Where did you go?

Question 2: What was your first impression?

Question 3: Was adapting hard?

Question 4: Did you try stange food?

Question 5: Favorite T.V. show there?

Brooke Rigney

: León, Spain

2: I was very surprised about the culture

3: Yes, because you can’t speak English

4: No, but my favorite were the tortillas

5: Sin Identidad

Jade Poynter

1: Ovideo, Spain

2: It was hard, but the third week felt like home

3: The culture and a new country were a shock

4: The strangest food I tried was squid

5: I didn’t watch much T.V.


Zak Brite

1: León, Spain

2: It was very overwhelming

3: Yes it was difficult to adapt

4: The strangest was tongue or cow instestine

5: Boom, it is a game show


Emma Arndt

1: Viñ del Mar, Chile

2: It was different, there were mountains and the houses were close together

3: Yes because you couldnt speak English

4: The strangest thing was potato cakes

5: Papa de la Deriva


Danisha McNary

1: Saumur, France

2: There was culture shock, but it was like here

3: It was hard having to speak French all the time

4: I tried pig nose without knowing

5: I liked a show similar to Grey’s Anatomy