Inspired by family members to pursue the future she picked


Ms. Chelsea Brothers is an alumni at SHS and graduated in 2011. After graduating from SHS she decided that being a teacher is something she wanted to pursue. Teaching has been something long influenced in Brother’s life, she says several people in her family have been or are still currently teaching. Brothers is now a new Algebra 1 teacher a JV and varsity assistant volleyball coach. Brothers says she loves being at SHS, she feels very at home here and it’s exciting to be on the opposite side of the classroom.

“My whole family is in education, so I would say my whole family impacted me to become a teacher,” Brothers said.

She has always wanted to teach aside from the of her least favorite thing which is getting up early in the morning and not being able to go to sleep at a reasonable time. Brothers says getting to be a cardinal again and being able to help students  and being there for them is her favorite part of teaching.

Brothers is actually working with some of the teachers she grew with through her high school experience, such as english teacher, Ms. Julie Breeden and math teacher, Ms. Patricia Blake. She says she loves working with them and they have been very helpful throughout this school year as they were when she was in highschool.

She enjoys starting freshman students off and watching them expand throughout all years of their high school. Now  Brothers says her goals this year with her students is just to push them to be the best they can. She is very enthusiastic about starting off this school year and has great intentions for her students!

“I love that I can see them grow throughout all four years,” Brothers said.