Elementary school turns into high school


New Science/Career class teacher, yet a former teacher at SHS now returning from six different elementary schools, Ms. Trisha Ellis. Ellis came from teaching recently at elementary schools like Douglas McArthur and says she is returning to Southport due to how much she missed the students.

In her time of teaching in a variety of elementary schools Ellis says high schools education has been the most enjoyable. She says while teaching elementary that she typically had to go to meetings and it was not as much in class one on one work like most teachers would think.  

Her favorite thing about teaching at SHS is definitely the students, and she says the different environment makes her feel very comfortable. The differences is between the two settings  are the difference in time in which she had to start her day. Ellis says she enjoys teaching in a high school environment much more than elementary school because she much rather enjoys working with the teenage age group.

“In elementary school when I worked with kids you say something and they do it, in high school you don’t always get that,” Ellis said.   

That was the only complaint Ellis had, other than that Ellis has always wanted to pursue her dream career of teaching. She has a lot of goals she would love to obtain this year with her students and explained she feels very at home here at SHS and is ecstatic to continue the rest of the school year. She says loves teaching at SHS. She feels very welcomed by the students and teachers here at SHS, and has a lot of goals for this school year.

“I want all my students to be successful and stay positive while trying,” Ellis said.