Moving from a smaller school to a bigger school

Moving from a smaller school to a bigger school

Ms. Brianna Kompara, former teacher at Mary Bryan Elementary school and new ENL teacher at SHS, has a position where she takes it upon herself to make sure her students understand and try to do well in every subject. She went to college to study business and Spanish but decided that she really wanted to be a teacher.

“It was a big jump from  elementary to highschool, I started teaching foreign language as a Spanish teacher but my heart was more into helping students who were new to the United States and helping them learn English so I took some more classes and and I got my ENL license,” Kompara said.

In her class, Kompara has a diverse group of students, which she says are of many different levels. She has students who came to America just this year and are working on being able to speak English and other students who have been here for a couple of years and are able to have conversations with her.

She gets to know her students very well because her goal is to help student improve overall.

“My number one goal is to make sure that my students are succeeding in all of their classes and being good responsible students. I help them with their subjects, not just ENL to boost them up to that level 2 or 3 for next year to increase their English level,” Kompara said.

ENL is a class in which the students learn how to communicate with others around them by learning the common language, English, and Kompara plans to help students so the subject will impact and hopefully improve the way they go through life by connecting them to the language.