SHS junior balances school and activities to look good for colleges


Junior Emma Cooper is a busy student at SHS. While juggling good grades, they’re also very involved in extracurricular activities. Cooper is on drumline, yearbook staff, White River Academic League, and a part of a media team for robotics, which Cooper says is a good way for them to connect to the world. They also enjoy participating in the school musicals, plays and usually is in the pit for musicals, but this year they will most likely be on the stage crew.

Some may be wondering why they do so much. Cooper says it not only looks good on college applications, they also just simply enjoy it. If Cooper didn’t want to be at school until 9 p.m like they sometimes have to be, they wouldn’t be. Very often, they stay up late finishing their homework and can get it all done before it’s all due, while still committing to all of their extra activities.

“Usually I’m up late finishing homework which affects my sleep cycle, but I mean, not that big of a deal. There’s enough caffeine in the world,” Cooper said.

Of all the things Cooper does, they prefer drumline. They say that it’s a good exercise.

Cooper would be sleeping more and enjoying more time with their family if they weren’t involved in so many activities. They could also possibly be working if they weren’t doing so much, but they can’t fully dedicate themselves to getting a job because they do so much. It’s a possibility that they would have to drop something later in the school year if things get too difficult. While taking four AP classes, they can still find a good balance with everything. Though, they may be saying something different when second semester comes around because that becomes the busiest time for drumline and also turns into build season for robotics and yearbook rushing.