New steps for the new school year

The start of the new school year means that there are new things to learn and Dance is one of them. The dance team had tryouts in august and are now focused on their fundraiser. For the fundraiser, dance team members are selling an app that is a discount card that is good for anywhere in the united states which is convenient for people who travel around the country.

The dance team sponsor and leader Mrs. Jessi Walpole, says that the team has been been practicing hard and they are doing really well especially for the the beginning of the year. The dance team is preparing to buy new uniforms and are getting prepared for the homecoming parade.

“We are learning new routines that get more challenging as the year progresses and we are getting ready for basketball season and dance competition later in the school year,” Walpole said.

Walpole says the team is focused and getting better every practice their goal is to progress further and further. The dance team is often seen at school events and Walpole says the team is great this year and their performances should be very exciting this year and it’s great to see students at school taking interest in the team.