New Flying Cardinal Cafe may be implemented

SHS now has a high-staffed cafeteria with a variety of food, although for the days that students want more of an option they are out of luck. This makes it so that the vast majority of students rely solely on the cafeteria for their food, whether they want to eat what is on the menu or not.

However, there may soon be a new lunch option for students called the Flying Cardinal Cafe. Right now this option is only available for teachers, but Mrs. Holly Ellis, special education teacher, and Mrs. Mary Beth Hanley, job coach, are the ones who are running this  say that if this option goes well with teachers, then it will be brought to students as an option too and that it may offer breakfast food as well.

The way this new option is going to work, says Ellis, is sending a google doc out to staff which they can then use order what they want. Food option ideas include many healthy things for the health-conscious student or staff member. All of these things will be prepared in the home ec room where there is plenty of storage and where there is a fridge to store anything that needs to stay cold. The menu includes things such as soups and salads and possibly parfaits, which will then be delivered by students.

Although this new option may help students eat a better diet than the cafeteria currently offers, “It’s a good way to get students involved in learning something that will be helpful in any career or job,”  Ellis said.

Ellis  says that these new skills would help in careers involving running a business, or even something as simple as just working at a fast food restaurant. “The kids will learn how to handle a business situation.”

As of right now, a few kinks are still being worked out, such as the prices and the days that this is available. Ellis and Hanley have decided that they will accept credit cards and they have the goal of having samples for teachers to try Thursday, Sept.  17th.