Junior’s love of art continues to strengthen


Concentrating on the task at hand. Making exact measurements using a ruler and the tip of a pencil. Seeing one line or segment gradually turning into something worth admiring or even the smell of paint that permeates the room. Junior Sarah McAtee is more than just a student, she is an artist.
“I started taking lessons in the fourth grade,” McAtee said.
With these lessons McAtee has learned some important techniques to improve her artistic ability.
“My lessons taught me how to use and blend colors and do proportions well…The teachers made me a better artist overall,” McAtee said
Though she may not personally know the artists she likes, such as Edgar Degas, she has ultimately been inspired by such creativity and individuality.
McAtee also likes to draw and paint people because the joy and satisfaction of her pencil drawing the fine lines of the human complex body bring her joy.
“I like to draw other people, because I have a lot of fun drawing,” McAtee said.
Yet even the joy of such creations can dissolve into difficulty especially when trying to recreate a replica of yourself.
“Drawing people is one of my strong suits, but it can be hard to make someone recognizable…especially if you’re drawing yourself,” McAtee said.
Along with her inspirations, McAtee has been in a couple competitions.
One of the competitions was the Ethos Art show, a youth and all ages competition.
“I won second place in the Youth Competition..also I won second place in the all ages competition,” McAtee said.
Although she has entered in many contests before, she must ultimately decide whether or not to continue forward with her passion and pursue a life of creativity.
“I do want to major in art. I was looking at The Art institute College,” McAtee said.
The Art Institute, which is located in Chicago, also has some locations in Indianapolis.
“When I’m drawing or painting, I feel at home and comfortable,” McAtee said.
To some, art is unreasonable or confusing but to McAtee art is comforting, a feeling of recognition.
McAtee has recently completed a piece called “Metempsychosis.”
“It means the transmigration at death of the soul of a human being or animal into a new body of the same of different species,” McAtee said.
Meaning that this person has been through a transformation of not just their body but their soul as well. The comparison between the human heart and the determination of an animal.
McAtee describes the picture as consisting of one girl wearing a pink dress that contrasts with the wilderness surrounding her. Half of her body is in an entrapping frame and the other half of her body connects with her surroundings.
The skies behold a collection of colors such as blue, purple, orange and red. The trees stand tall like soldiers and rocks pile up in front of the girl.
It’s like she wants to venture out into the real world instead of being inside the picture yet, all she knows is the environment being held in this silver frame, according to McAtee.