Cards create bonds

Students tend to have a specific teacher they can go to whenever they need to in high school. These teachers are apart of students everyday lives and influence what students do along with the impact they have on them.

Senior Eddie Vanbaale has formed a bond over the years with Geography teacher, Mr. Anthony Braun. Vanbaale understood Braun’s transition from teaching at a smaller school to SHS. Vanbaale filled Braun in on the way things work here at SHS and immediately became his student assistant.

At the same time, Braun gave advice to Vanbaale to simply help him throughout his four years of high school.

“It’s pretty cool, it gives you somebody to talk to every once in awhile and it gives you somewhere to go when you don’t have anywhere to go,” Vanbaale said.

His relationship with Braun has carried out through his highschool career and he has hopes for it to carry on afterwards. He says it’s a mutual thing from Braun watching his students grow and progress.

“It’s nice to see him come here and learn how different we can be and get accustomed to things here,” Vanbaale said.

It’s the same with senior Roberta Thompson and English teacher Mrs. Erin Ancelet. They have like views on the subject. Ancelet says she believes it’s good to have bonds with all students, and she believes it is healthy for a student to feel comfortable talking to their teachers.

“I feel like she’s been through a lot of the same stuff and can advise me on my years in highschool and she’s a positive influence,” Thompson said. “She feels very comfortable with Ancelet and with their relationship, in fact she said they call each other their Kindred Spirits.”

Whether it is personal problems or educational purposes a student should always have one teacher they can go to Ancelet says. It is a good thing to have a relationship with students during school and outside of the classroom.

Students maintain these relationships they make with teachers all throughout highschool, they don’t just keep them for a single year. They continue to go back to that specific teacher for advise.