Students express that they feel safe at SHS


Photo by Destiny Bryant

Freshman Jonathan Nguyen poses for a picture on Sept. 23, 2015. He says that SHS is a safe environment for the students and staff members.

Between the years 1999 and 2012 there have been 31 recorded school shootings, according to School shootings are heard about from all over the nation, but they are not an occurring issue in Perry Township community or surrounding communities. Some students at SHS even say that they feel out of harm’s way when attending school.

Freshman Jonathan Nguyen says that school shootings are tragic, and when he hears about one he feels confused about why such a thing would occur. He says that cruel actions like school shootings open his eyes to real life situations, but they do not make him paranoid or worrisome.

¨It makes me want to pray for them and concern for other people,¨ Nguyen said. ¨It makes me open my eyes to everyone else.¨

Sophomore Megan Gray agrees that the security of the school is enough to keep everyone present in the building safe.

¨I think we are protected from school shootings,¨ Gray said.

Nguyen feels that even with some of the doors being unlocked during the day that he is in no danger. He says that the doors being unlocked is more of a benefit to the students, rather than a threat.

¨I feel Southport is fine the way that it is,¨ Nguyen said. ¨The doors, I know someone crazy can get in, but they benefit the students.¨

On a milder note the students say that the things that they fear most are not what can come from the outside, but what goes on inside the walls of SHS. Nguyen says that he is more worried about getting bad grades rather than being in any real danger at SHS.