2015 Homecoming court feels honored

Each and every year at SHS, the teachers nominate the students they believe show great class performance and have good, friendly people skills for Homecoming court. The Homecoming Court consists of the students who are nominated and then become the Homecoming princes and princesses of SHS.

As part of the job, they will throw candy while also being fashionably dressed in suits and dresses during the Homecoming parade. They will also walk down the football field on the night of the Homecoming Game for everybody to see. This is also where the senior Homecoming king and queen nominees find out who was picked by their peers to be the king and queen.

“I’m glad my teachers chose me, I love that they thought of me as an outstanding student and chose me for this activity,” freshman princess Jenny Thang said.

This year in the freshman class Thang and Chaz Hinds are honored to be the freshman prince and princess. Overall, they both say that they are excited to get to share this experience with the rest of the school. Both say it is a very astonishing thing to do considering they are freshman. Hinds says he is very surprised his teachers have chosen him to take on this opportunity, but at the same time he is very grateful.

The sophomore prince and princess say that they are also surprised that their teachers chose them out of the entire sophomore class. Tiana Wright and Dallas Matlock were chosen as this year’s prince and princess for the sophomore class.  As a sophomore, Tiana’s older sister, graduate of 2015, Shayla Wright, was also chosen as a Homecoming Princess and now her sibling is following along her footsteps. Tiana Wright says she feels great that she was chosen to be the princess.

And for the junior class, Emma DeHart and Brett Wright we picked. DeHart was just as surprised as the rest of the students chosen. DeHart says that she was surprised her teachers chose her as well, but it will be a cool experience. Both DeHart and Brett Wright didn’t know how to react to being picked.

“I don’t really know how I feel yet. I have a general idea by now, but it is still a big question mark in my head,” Brett Wright said.

But overall Brett Wright says he feels honored, more so than anything, that his teachers look at him as such an exceptional student to be on the court. Each class’s prince and princess say that being on the homecoming court is something different and think that it is a good experience for them in their high school careers.