Fashion show fundraiser said to take place in spring of 2015

Flipping through his mother’s magazines, this young boy knew that he had a passion for the art of fashion. Instead of scribbling trees and houses, he was already designing clothing.

“I would doodle women in beautiful gowns,” said senior Nick May. “Cruella DeVils. Marie Antoinettes. Greek goddesses. Fashion has always inspired me.”

May is bringing his passion to SHS by organizing a coffee house setting inspired fashion show. This show will be used as a fundraiser for the theater. While it has not yet been approved by the school board, it is planned to be put on in the spring of 2016.

The ticket proceeds go directly to the SHS theater department. May says that he decided on this because of his love for theater.

“I love theater,” May said, “And I’d like to raise funds for them any way I can.”

Most of the clothes that will be presented at the show will be bought from Goodwill, flea markets or thrift stores. May says that he hopes this will demonstrate how cheap and affordable fashion can be.

The show will be a ‘FW 2016’ show, which means that the clothing is fall and winter inspired. Models have already signed up to be a part of the show. However, these models were not selected to be in the show because of their physical appearance.

“Models in the show are not chosen based on body type or appearance because the whole point of the show is to show that anyone and everyone can be fashionable (and) powerful,” May said.

May’s inspiration for this show came to be because of his love for fashion and theater. He was especially inspired by coffee house, which is a talent show presented in the fall and spring by the SHS theater department.

“It’s a fashion show fundraiser for our theater to empower our students through fashion much like Coffee House is a fundraiser as well,” May said.