Being informed on scholarships


As college deadlines approach, the search for scholarships becomes more intense than it was before. Guidance counselors recommend student to apply for scholarships to help them out when paying for college. College isn’t cheap, and most everyone who has gone to college knows this fact, and guidance counselor Ms. Briana Underwood recommends that seniors in high school sign up for at least one scholarship every week.

Underwood says SHS has scholarships that are announced to students on SPTV, on the guidance website and on the scholarship wall the guidance office sets up. Some scholarships are not directly announced to everyone because they are private scholarships and students need to be nominated by a counselor to be eligible for it. There are some big scholarships that most students are familiar with that will be advertised at SHS at the end of October or the beginning of November.

“Many of the scholarships we’ve not started getting yet so a lot of the times the influx of the scholarships that we have that we advertise to students will come out in October,” Underwood said. “And those are more of your local scholarships but it’s never too early to start searching for private scholarships that are more national or college specific.”

She says that students should take advantage of the endless resources that are provided and available. The library isn’t the only place with information on scholarships, Underwood says that google is a great resource for a lot of things, scholarships being one of them. Some scholarship websites are,, and many others.

“Students who are truly wanting to be successful in that scholarship search, they’ve got to use the internet and search for those looking at colleges they’re interested in applying to because what we have in the guidance office is just a teeny tiny amount compared to how many scholarships are out there, so we really want students to make sure that they are planning ahead and really doing their research for that,” Underwood said.