SHS nurses give advice on how to prevent the spread of the flu

The Fall season has officially started and with the start of the new season also comes the flu season. With around 200,000 people getting the flu each year according to, students and staff should take precautions when it comes catching this illness.

There are multiple steps that can be taken by students and staff to prevent the flu this season.

Getting the vaccination for the flu is the best way to prevent getting the flu. It is recommended that everyone should get the vaccination according to

“Always get your flu shot … so that would prevent getting the flu,” School nurse Mrs. Keri Harris said.

If getting a vaccination is not an ideal way there are everyday precautions that each student and staff member can take to prevent the flu.

Washing your hands everyday with soap and water is the second best way to prevent getting the flu according to  Since one’s’ hands touch everything, the more someone washes their hands, the more unlikely they are to spread germs they may have accumulated through the day.  

To stop the spread of germs, students and staff should try not to touch their eyes, nose, and mouth throughout the day. Coughing and sneezing in a tissue will also stop the spread of germs. Mrs. Harris says to take universal precautions like not sharing certain things with people who are sick.

Another way to prevent getting the flu this season is to not get in close contact with people that are already sick.

There is also medication that can help prevent the flu such as  antiviral drugs. The earlier the antiviral drugs are taken the more it will prevent one from catching  the flu.