Staff members emphasize importance of attendance


Riley Hyatt

Mr. AJ Martzall

Students might think that simply showing up to school each day is just a part of a daily routine, but to administrators it is much more than that. The administration at SHS have recently been stressing how important it is for students to be at school each and every day possible. According to them, attendance is a key factor in performing well in classes and is a stepping stool for being successful later on in life.

Dean Mr. AJ Martzall is among those that have been spreading the word about attendance importance. He says that being at school is a valued trait that will help students greatly on an academic level.

“Having good attendance is an important life skill…,” Martzall said. “If you come to school, more often than not, you’re going to perform better because you’re here to learn. You’re here to pay attention and get all the things you need to be successful.”

Martzall also said that not having very good attendance can lead to a buildup of makeup work that can sometimes be too much for students to handle. He says that it is still possible to pass in this situation, but there is no avoiding all the work missed during the absence.

Guidance Counselor Mrs. Tricia Bender says that attendance at high school doesn’t just affect your high school experience, it could also affect your choice of college.

“Attendance is actually looked upon at colleges,” Bender said. “Colleges really look at attendance to see if you’re a student who’s engaged in the education process, and that starts at your K-12 education and high school is a big part of that.”

She also says that good attendance is seen as very mature. She says that good attendance in school can lead to good attendance at future jobs and vise versa, so it’s good to start learning how to show up now rather than later.` `

“You want to make sure that you are starting to express yourself professionally at the school level, because it is only going to benifit you in the long run,” Bender said.