SHS teacher plans to visit Thailand


This place is in Thailand where Burmese refugees spend their life. The Journal got permission to use this picture from Steve Ward who works with refugees on the Southside through the Chin Ministry of Mt. Pleasant Christian Church.

After working with Chin community for over ten years and many other agencies, SHS new comer teacher Mrs. Marsha Manning is planning on visiting Thailand on Nov. 6-17. She will be going with many other ministry participants from a program called Chin Ministry at Mt. Pleasant Christian Church.

According to Manning, her purpose of going on this trip is to minister to the Burmese refugees and help them build a church at Mae Sot (refugee camp) in Thailand. She will be mostly working with children and women in every way of need while most of men will be working at building a church.

It will be her first time going to Thailand and she hopes to gain good experience from it, Manning says. She said that she was excited, but in the meantime, nervous.

“…Open my mind to my heart to what refugee dealt with everyday before they actually come to the United States,” Manning said.

Manning says she’s not really worried about how she will spend her short period of time in Thailand because the people that she is going with are in contact with someone from all the places where they were planning to go. So the people in Thailand will guide them when they get there. There will even be interpreter for them so they won’t have any problem with communication with refugees.

“My hope is to bring information back to the district as far as the life of refugee, medical, and do they have access to good medical care, education,” Manning said. “I got to go to Burma and I will be going to the border of Thailand and Burma.”