The Indianapolis Colts are struggling this season


The Indianapolis Colts are starting the season 1-2. They may have started last season the same way and ended up going 11-5 and advancing to the AFC Championship game, but this is way different team. I mean different in a bad way. They are playing terribly right now and they need to find a way to play like they did last season.

In the first game of the 2015 season, the Colts lost to the Buffalo Bills 27-14 at Ralph Wilson Stadium. The Bills have an elite defense but it was the first start ever for Bills’ quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Taylor had previously been the backup quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens from 2011-2014. He completed 14 of 19 passes for 195 yards and one touchdown. He also had nine carries for 41 yards on the ground. The Colts defense has to be able to stop any  running quarterbacks in the league or the same thing will continue to happen to them.

In the game against the Bills, the Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck only completed 26 of 49 passes for 243 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Luck has a horrific offensive line, but he has dealt with this for years. A lot of the blame needs to be put on Luck because when he gets pressured he should throw the ball away instead of forcing it so much. Starting out the season with that game showed an ugly version of Luck with many interceptions to come.

I thought that after their first game, the Colts would rebound the following week playing at home against the New York Jets . The Jets signed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who has been a mediocre starter or backup in his career. With the exception of one interception, Fitzpatrick completed 22 of 34 passes for two touchdowns. That makes two games in a row that mediocre quarterbacks have demolished the Colts’ defense.

The Colts ended up losing to the Jets 20-7. Luck’s performance was extremely disappointing with completing 21 of 37 passes for 250 yards, one touchdown and a horrific three interceptions. The Colts’ wide receivers such as Donte Moncrief and TY Hilton are playing great for the most part. However, the tight ends have pretty much disappeared. Dwayne Allen is still injured but Coby Fleener and Jack Doyle are still healthy.

In the game against the Jets, the Colts had so many missed opportunities. Adam Vinatieri missed a 29 yard field goal but prior to that, he hadn’t missed a field goal inside of the 30 yard line since 2007. Frank Gore was about to run for a touchdown but fumbled on New York’s one yard line. It’s baffling that a running back of his caliber can fumble on the one yard line without even being hit.

In the third game of the season the Colts played the Tennessee Titans at Nissan Stadium. The Colts haven’t lost to the Titans since Luck has been here. The Colts started out with safety Dwight Lowery getting a pick six against Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota. The Titans rebounded and Marcus Mariota was lighting up the Colts’ defense just like Taylor and Fitzpatrick did. The Colts weren’t playing well, but they began to rally back in the fourth quarter. The Colts were up 35-33 and the Titans were attempting a two point conversion. The Colts stopped the run and ended up winning that game. The Colts scored 21 points in the fourth quarter and Luck started to show some of his magic.

Luck completed 18 of 30 passes for 260 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Despite those two touchdowns, Luck still threw two interceptions. This makes for a total of seven interceptions in only three games. Gore had a great game against the Titans after struggling against the Bills and the Jets. Lowery had two interceptions and I doubt the Colts would have won that game without him. He had 14 carries for 86 yards and two touchdowns. That game showed that the Colts are improving slightly but they still have a long way to go.