SHS book club brings students together


Reading for the purpose of enjoyment is what the Book Club here at SHS is about. Ms. Tara Foor works in the IMC and she directs the Book club which is usually at the end of the month, on the last Wednesday from 2 to 4 in the after school.

She says the Book Club has a theme every month for the book that the members choose to read together from a select few that she picks out by informally surveying what the members like. Foor also says that the number of Book Club members varies because for September’s theme is “The Martian,” there were about 30 students and 15 staff members who checked-out the book.

“Anybody can come, it’s just a place where you can talk about what you want to talk about and it can be all about books,” Foor said. “Books are our friends.”

One of the books that she chose for the book club are “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson, she decides based on the impact it will have on the reader. She specifically chose “Speak” because it was one of the first young adult coming-of-age stories that really gained a lot of attention, and it’s an award winner. The book was extremely impactful to her as well because it was something that was never seen before it was published.

“I think you get so used to these formulated questions that your teachers give you, which is awesome, that’s how we lead your thinking,” Foor said. “But, then we also in book club teach you how to ask questions and how to respond to questions.”

Foor hopes for a big crowd during book clubs this year so more discussions and activities are made. The book club takes any student in that wants to participate and that is interested.