Colts struggle because of offensive line


“United we fight.”

The Indianapolis Colts had high expectations going into the 2015 season. Their offense, stacked with players like Andrew Luck, T.Y. Hilton, Frank Gore, and Andre Johnson, was supposed to be the most exciting in the NFL. But it’s been the exact opposite of that. The offense has sputtered in the first three games of the season. and the offensive line crumbles seconds after the snap.

Luck has lost yards or been sacked 17 times in three games, which has caused him to throw five interceptions. Now he’s injured. Maybe if Luck wasn’t getting drilled into the ground over and over again every game, his shoulder wouldn’t be separated.

The offensive line’s problems can’t be blamed on their lack of experience. Indianapolis’ depth chart has center Khaled Holmes listed as the youngest starting lineman, and he still has two complete seasons under his belt. There are no excuses for how crappy the Colts’ offensive line is performing.

The fact that the Colts are leading the NFL in holding calls is unacceptable. They’ve lost over 100 yards because professional football players can’t seem to figure out that they can’t tackle defensive linemen to the ground. And if they’re going to commit a holding penalty, they need to stop doing it every time Luck or Gore make a big play. When Indianapolis played the New York Jets, Luck scrambled for 20 yards, but it was called back because another holding penalty. As an avid Colts fan, I’m frustrated. I can’t even begin to imagine how frustrated Chuck Pagano and Luck are.

The Colts should’ve used this year’s draft to bolster their offensive line. I understand why general manager Ryan Grigson wants to pick the best player on the board, but another wide receiver isn’t what the Colts needed. They needed an offensive lineman who could actually protect their franchise quarterback.

Grigson either needs to make a trade for someone who can turn this offensive line around, or he needs to go. I’ll give him credit for some of the moves he made early on. He got the Colts to the playoff three seasons in row after basically starting from scratch. But it’s not really that hard to get to the playoffs when your team plays in the AFC South. It’s unarguably the worst division in the NFL.

Once Grigson figures out what to do about the offensive line, the Colts will succeed. Until then, we can look forward to watching them struggle, even though they’re supposed to have the best offense in the NFL.